Developer Log #2

Slow and steady wins the race

Hello again!

We have made a HUGE amount of progress in this last week, from mechanics to art and everything in between. We can’t possibly cover everything we’ve done (because that would spoil a lot of good stuff), but we can definitely cover the confirmed things we have so far.

Keep in mind that the screenshots shown here are not guaranteed to be final! We are constantly improving our skills and as such things may be subject to change. With that said, let’s go over everything we’ve managed to do in a week!

New Title Screen

As of right now it lacks a logo, but basic functionality is in place, such as “Exit”, “Options”, and the all-important “Play” button! Can’t really play without a way to actually get in the game.

A mysterious doorway greets you at game start

Look at those plants. Those are some nice plants.

Speaking of plants, can you guess what the theme of the game is from the title screen? If you can, great! If not, stay tuned, because we will most likely update as we get further into development.

The most important button, the “Play” button, doesn’t take you directly to the game anymore. Instead, it takes you to one of the most ambitious and exciting parts of this project. Character selection!

Unlockable Characters

I may have mentioned this last week, but our plan to implement unlockable characters has finally come to fruition! We have several characters planned, two of which have already been full or partially implemented into the game.

Characters are locked until the right conditions are met

Unlocking the characters will come naturally as you complete milestones throughout the game. While there is some final polish that needs to be done yet with regards to notifications and such, the system is in place to choose, unlock, and play with whatever character strikes your fancy.

Volume Sliders

One of the major things that we never did in our previous games was the ability to change the volume of the sounds being played. We had on/off switches and that’s about it. No longer! We are super excited for the ability to change the volume, instead of just turning it on or off.

It’s almost like it’s an actual game!

There are many other quality of life adjustments we have made to our coding practices, and we hope that these changes will be reflected in the final product. From the options to the gameplay, our goal is to make an enjoyable experience.

We will continue moving forward

A lot of this week has been drawing sprites and implementing quality of life changes in the back end of the game. We have a lot of work to do yet, but we are confident that this game is going to be a nice little game to play many times over!

When we update next week, hopefully there will be even more exciting screenshots to show off!

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