Developer Log #1.5

Simple is Best

If you have been following our site, you may remember that we had started a very ambitious project about a month and a half ago. It turns out, it was rather too ambitious for us, and we have since put the project on hold for the time being. Instead, we are setting our sites on a much smaller and much more manageable project.

While not an official “release” announcement, there are some exciting screenshots to show off, a few of which we hope will encapsulate what it is we have been working on for the past week.

What is this new game?

Glad you asked! This game is a skill based game; at least, that’s what we’re calling it. In truth, it’s a very small, simple, easy to play game with all the love and attention a full-scale game deserves.

Exhibit A:

The first of many screenshots

The very first screenshot of our new game is… rough, to say the least. However the basics of art and collectibles are there, and you can see the placeholder player sprite (which will soon be replaced with a fancy new sprite)

What’s next for the game?

Right now, the next steps are to get the player working, add some fancy menus, and make sure that gameplay is the way we want it. We have plenty of features we want to add, and only a few spaces to put them, so we are being very careful not to go overboard again.

This is the first step in a new journey, and we are more than excited to share it with you!

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